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  1. Faults & Technical
    I was lucky to buy a first edition used just before lockdown. I I foolishly assumed buying it are you in might have a load most of the glitches to be resolved. It's been a magnificent car to drive, a wonderful car to be in, and unfortunately not a great car to own. Tips If stuck on...
  2. Main Jaguar I-Pace chat
    HI, I've owned my 2018 Ipace for almost a year now and took it in for its first "Major" service. All went smoothly but I asked for a battery health printout and I was given a printout of the 12V battery health...! I am sure I read somewhere on here that the battery can be tested and individual...
  3. Faults & Technical
    My I-Pace is 5 months old. Been charging fine to 100% on my 7KW home Pod Point. Last three times it has only reached 81% and will not charge any further. I have tried another 22KW charger and the same happened. No further than 81% Its also using more power than usual on journeys. i.e. actual...
1-3 of 3 Results