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Hi Stacie, I'm trying to find some info on the standard mains charging of the I-Pace...
Will I get a standard mains connector cable with the vehicle, suitable for slow (<10A) charging from household mains-socket? And is there any risk that the connection will trip a standard Earth-Leakage-Circuit-Breaker (ELCB/RCD) Unit?
Is there any published information available on the standard mains charging cable/unit that comes with the I-Pace?

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Good afternoon mjc,

Thank you for your comment on the thread.

I have looked into your query and I can confirm that you will receive a mode 2 (3 pin) charge cable as standard, these have been designed to work with domestic power supplies however we are unable to guarantee that they will work with all domestic electricity installations.

Jaguar recommend that a qualified electrician checks the wiring and capability of the socket that is to be used for charging the vehicle.

Thanks, Stacie
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