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Just to give my experience so far.

1) overall really happy. lovely to spend my 2 hour return journey in. averaging about 200 mile range and charging every night
2) there is a minor rattle coming from the passenger door. jag are talking about a loose screw.
3) i got a slow puncture after 2 weeks and then snapped the valve off pumping the tyre up - took 2 hours for recovery. bad luck?! ironically i was fed up going through x5 runflats so fast and one of my main reasons to change cars.
4) my 500mb sim card got used up in 3 days. just read on the other thread about my phone connecting to hotspot from setup. so will check that
5) using car play google maps for nav due to 4. it's ok. but a pain to move round the map.
6) from car play google maps, it's very fiddly getting to surround cameras. maybe 4-5 touches of the screen? any shortcuts for this?
7) in general the infotainment is far less user friendly than the '13 x5.
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