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Hi all!

My company gave me the option to switch to full electric and had some slots reserved for 2018 delivery! So I'm considering the I-Pace, although I'm still struggling with holidays and long trips. But ok, 98% of the time I'm driving in NL, Belgium Germany or France, so I guess charging stations should be nearby.

I'm still struggling with all the options and variants s, se or hse. But as I like to have good seat at 60.000km yearly, I strongly consider the 18way adjustable seats and that basically pushes my to the hse. Further options considered are ACC (a must and also standard in hse), cold climate pack (heated front window makes live so much easier). I'm also looking at the active air suspension and associated options, but can't really decide weather I would need those.

I'll do some more digging around for various options and hopefully this forum can help me with that.
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