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Another I-Pace viewing yesterday (plus picking up a printed brochure which was nice, even if it's not as fully detailed as it could be) and another chat to the JLR specialists on the various tours. We talked charging again and I think I'm clearer on the options but let me summarise my latest picture and anyone can correct me if necessary:

AC Charging: This is limited by the rectifier etc kit in the car to a maximum of 7kW charge rate. Even if the car can be physically connected to a higher capacity AC charger then it will not draw more than 7kW. (I'm aware that our friends in Europe have separate issues with 3-phase vs single phase, but I don't think this alters the 7kW limit.)

DC Charging: This is limited by the charger, at least up to the maximum current or power limit that the car can accommodate, which I've seen variously quoted as 100, 125 or 150kW. The 100/125 figures I've seen in print but JLR yesterday were suggesting that 150kW is possible, as and when 150kW chargers make an entrance.

(NB I don't know what voltage the DC chargers charge at - all the talk seems to be about the power capacity. Is it eg 480v - is that the common standard?)

Feel free to disagree with this charging picture if it's not accurate.
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