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I have an issue with charging on a 50Kw charger, 2018 SE model been into dealer 3 times now , they have raised TA with Jaguar.
Jaguar have advised them to plug the vehicle into a 50kw charger and call discuss the live charging data in real time.
The dealer only has 22kw charger when I asked for an update they advised, that they need to locate a 50kw charger , they have located one now. The cars system actually tell them local chargers.
There director looked at it on his way home and advised the next day to the service manager that they can use it, but need to arrange a company phone to down load the app, and arrange a credit for payment which was a problem for the sevice manager.
This is a main dealer.

I said if it causing that much of a problem I will meet the enginer there and sort the charger access
for them , they then advised the enginer is on hoilday for 3 days.
Very slowly loosing faith in them but tide into a Warrentry claim.
Rant over.
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