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I had a lot of time to myself with the local dealer's FE yesterday, and got to explore the music part of the infotainment system - very impressed. I was worried by previous comparisons of the system to 'being as bad as the Jaguar XE', but I don't think it is anything like as bad as that.

The system had no problem linking to my USB library of albums, and also to those on my iPhone over bluetooth.

I really liked the way that the lower display is not just for the heating/ac system, but can also display and select music, and also serve as the phone link.

Album/Artist scanning is quick and visual (see images). The sound quality is great.

Thumbs up for the System!


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Also wanted to say thanks to mjc for the post. That is the first indication I've seen, after reading dozens of reviews/posts, that the lower screen does more than climate controls! I guess the UI / menus will require some time to sort out.

Very cool to see that the lower screen can be an easy place to manage music sources.

yw CaliDave.

No real skill in operation of the lower screen was required, just horizontal swipe and the screen switched from climate controls to radio/music, another swipe and it switched to phone.

The main screen has much deeper menus, but as I stated in my post, I am more than happy with what I saw. Unfortunately the Nav-SD-Card was not installed, so I didn't get the chance to play with that.

As somebody posted in another thread, if it takes a while to get familiar with all the menus and short-cuts, that is not too bad from the owner-driver point of view (even though it makes it frustrating for testers).

I was happy that the speed of the system didn't appear to be a problem, and that the dual screen functionality worked intuitively. From one of the Road Test videos I've seen, the navigation view on the driver dashboard also looks very detailed.

Can't wait to drive it for real.

Sad about the delays, but still confident it represents the best choice for a top-end EV
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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