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I attended this event yesterday and had an absolutely fantastic and enjoyable time.
Made a mistake by turning up with my 10 year old son (didn't realise children were banned) but they were happy to allow him in to everything other than the cone competition (I was 2nd last to go and managed to take first on the podium - until the guy driving last pipped me at the post - don't count yer chickens...
The Caesium Blue looks absolutely stunning in the flesh (
- my son's channel) - unfortunately, however, still no chance of having it on a First Edition.
Entertainment system had just received an update - seemed a little faster, plus regenerative braking adjustment was available with 1 swipe from left to right.
Had a car to ourselves for the road drive - it performed perfectly - and the West Sussex scenery looked beautiful from behind the wheel of the borrowed HSE.
Food and hospitality were perfect - thankyou Jaguar.
The events team were also keen to chat to everybody visiting and update them on anticipated delivery dates - mine has moved from February to January (picked up a cancelled order about 4 weeks ago).
Roll on 2019...
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