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Hi there,

My name's Mark - I live in Scotland.

I've been following the I-Pace story for a little while now and very seriously considering ordering one. I'm thinking about a First Edition in Corris Grey with the 22 inch wheels and ebony headliner. I missed the static display roadshow that they did around the dealers in Scotland unfortunately, so I can't visualise the interior / exterior space / size and will need to wait until the end of this month / early august to check it out in person when the dealer gets the demonstrators.

My wife drives a Renault Zoe Dynamique with the 40 KWH battery and we already have a Chargemaster 7KW wall charger. We have bought into the electric car promise. I currently drive a Land Rover Discovery 4 from 2015 with the last facelift and the 3.0 SDV6 260HP Diesel engine.

I'm going to compare the Model X, but also the new Range Rover Sport Hybrid - just because they are more in the same class as my Discovery from a size / practicality stand point.

My question, has anyone actually sat and spent time in an I-Pace and compared it with the interior space of say a RR Sport?
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