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I'm Dave from North-East U.K.

I love many different cars of different types from many manufacturers from TVR and Caterham to Audi.

I've driven a couple of EVs from Leaf and Audi A3 Etron to a Tesla Model S P100D and find them great. The Tesla acceleration was mind-blowing.

The I-Pace is the first I've seen to have great styling inside and out combined with the performance and a range to make my daily travels a piece of cake, and occasional long trips look very feasible. Let's hope the charging infrastructure continues to improve, which I'm sure it will.

I paid my deposit a while ago and I'm about 6th at my local dealer.

I'm off to Frankfurt Motor Show next month and hoping to see the concept, or with fingers crossed, the production I-Pace. I've had my 5 year old Audi A8 for three years, so it's looking like it'll morph into an I-Pace next year. 馃槉

If you haven't discovered the YouTube series called "Fully Charged" and you're interested in EVs, go take a look.

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Welcome to the forum Dave.
Unfortunately I'm not at Frankfurt so would love to hear what you think and see any pictures if you get to see (hopefully the production) I-Pace there.
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