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Hi there,

I was looking for a new car some time ago, considering a new bmw 5 touring, it was good, a possible buy. I also tested a Tesla S, but I didn't feel like something I would want, especially the steering felt uncomfortable. A site with car reviews gave Jaguar XF as an alternative to a bmw-5, and I started to look Jaguars as well. I saw the I-Pace, and got interested, although I am not so interested in SUV/CUV:s. Long story short - I payed a refundable deposit, and started to wait, and wait…
In January my local Jag-dealer called and told me that the time has come, and I could make place an order. In February I signed the papers, I chose a first edition, mainly because of the adaptive dynamics (choices were limited before the car had been official).

What I expect of this

  • Be thrilled by the 400 silent horses
  • Learning to gauge how much battery I need (when and how to load)
  • More visits to people that live far away (need an excuse to drive)
  • Less visits to petrol/gas stations (why don't they offer "fuel" to electrical cars as well?)
  • Being anxious about the insides of the car, because my children might do something that makes it dirty and hard to
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