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I tried looking for another thread about this (which I'm sure there was one) but I can't find it now.

So I was wondering from anyone who has a Jaguar or Land Rover with the performance seats, how comfortable are they for long distance driving?

I want to take my I-Pace for a road trip around Europe, probably London to Zurich and back but I'm concerned that the seats will start to dig in or feel a bit too stiff? When I tried them in person the performance were more comfy and snug so I chose those but 5 minutes in a showroom does not make an 800mile drive haha!

Depends on how tall you are. Over 6' and you might find that the head rest hits the top of your shoulders.

I'd get the Sports and 18way Configuration .... had this on the F-Pace - so comfortable from Harlow to Le Mans .... didn't get one ache!
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