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From Top Gear Magazine:

Tire Snow Vehicle Car Sky

Jaguar invited us behind closed doors to meet the I-Pace in its final testing phase to show the lengths it's going to, to get its first EV right, first time. Prices will start around 10-15 per cent higher than a top-spec F-Pace, so it'll be around £60k and up for an I-Pace, which is spacious, quick, should handle smartly, look dashing and be viable in The Real World. The interior will be a clean, modern space with crisply rendered virtual dials and superior materials to any current Jaguar. This machine will hold some showroom pulling power - like a true Jag.

The real proof, I suppose, will become clear not this time next year, after the I-Pace's swelling pre-order books have been attended to, but in three or four years, when every model in the Jaguar range has an electrified version, and the I-Pace no longer has the market to itself. If all this effort, the testing, the team's dedication, their numb fingers and frosted eyebrows have been worth it, they'll be phoning up the local council in Revi to ask for another heavy-duty transformer soon.

Also some notes on the charging:

It's promised a 0-80 per cent charging time of 45 minutes, via a DC 100kW charger. That's important, because the I-Pace will work with standard chargers shared with all other EVs except Teslas, and there'll be no Supercharger-esque bespoke network.

With EVs, 0-80 per cent charging is rapidly overtaking 0-60mph as a priority. And with that comes a restructuring of how you use a car. Because while filling up with petrol takes all of five minutes, it's something you have to specifically make time to do. The beauty of an EV that can juice up in under an hour is it does so while you're at your desk, working. Or asleep. Or having lunch. Your net 'wasted time' is diminished.

Read the full article here:


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Thanks for posting the link Rob . . some really excellent snow pictures of the car in the TG article and I also really liked seeing the detailed close-ups of the one in the service bay up on the four-poster lift :geek:

Knowing how cars can freeze up externally when there is a combination effect from the sort of freeze/snow/thaw/freeze we sometimes get here in northern Britain (like this morning, for example!), I'm always interested to see just how robustly they stand up to these extreme weather testing conditions, not just the handling when driving. Perhaps the snow in Sweden is a drier, more powdery type than the horrible wet stuff we often get here that can then freeze a door shut and can sometimes make unfolding the mirrors a bit of a challenge first thing in the morning. I notice from the Velar Forum that there have been one or two instances of problems with the retractable F-Type style door handles operating properly after a freeze has got into the mechanism too. The IPace looks like it'll have the same style handles, so that'll be something to watch out for.
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