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Maybe it has been asked before - sorry if that's the case.

After around 20 months with my ipace, I've noticed that the "optimized" number on wattcat always falls after driving. Be it 100% (especially in the summer) or 90% (mostly winter), this figure will always fall after driving. Example: fully charged to 100% and wattcat optimized number is 100% (showing 87 kwh) in the summer. I take the car for a ride of 20 miles, the optimized number on wattcat is now 97%. After a lot of driving (and no charges in between) I will land somewhere around 91 or 92% ("optimized" number on wattcat) in the summer. Maybe to 87% in winter.

Charging almost always on AC, DC-charged only a few times.

I believe it shouldn't be an issue of "cell balancing", since I've left the car on the charger many times for several hours and the above still happens. Am I doing something wrong? what's the experience of the other owners?
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