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Re: IONITY pricing

Post by Captain.Plummet » Fri Jan 17, 2020 4:06 am

£50 to charge an I Pace? No-one is going to pay that. The question is whether other providers will follow this with price increases.

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Re: IONITY pricing

Post by Tophe74 » Fri Jan 17, 2020 6:25 am

Am afraid it ll become worst on all chargers.
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Re: IONITY pricing

Post by Alexx » Fri Jan 17, 2020 7:15 am

There is competition! I guess there will be different packages for frequent drivers in the future. Not necessarily directly from Ionoity but maybe from other card providers with a basic monthly fee.
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Re: IONITY pricing

Post by ardevd » Fri Jan 17, 2020 7:37 am

I assume Ionity is betting on the fact that most people charge their EVs at home 90% of the time so charging up on the road for a ludicrous price (more expensive than gas) would be worth it for the convenience of fast charging.

However, this kinda goes against the whole notion of Ionity being this subsidized project to increase EV adoption.

I very rarely charge away from home so I could live with the pricing scheme. However, I can only imagine those who rely more on roadside rapid chargers would rethink their choice to go for an EV.

Lastly, it's shocking that Ionity's price model doesnt seem to account for the price of electricity in the different markets at all. They've basically just found a price point that makes sense in the worst case scenario and applied them to all markets.
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Re: IONITY pricing

Post by Bart » Fri Jan 17, 2020 7:51 am

mclarenpaul wrote:
Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:03 pm
Sorry, but this was inevitable and a shame that JLR didn't sign up for it. Of course if it's financed by a group of manufacturers, why should they give it to everyone for the same price? They're going to make it more interesting to their partners and their customers. Will be interesting to see the cost to fill up an eTron by comparison.

I'm sure Tesla are having a chuckle.
I thought they received some kind of EU subsidy installing the charging network. If true, I wonder on what conditions they received the subsidy.
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Re: IONITY pricing

Post by SammyD » Fri Jan 17, 2020 7:57 am

So long Ionity. It was nice knowing you. Your sites will be ones to avoid from now on except in a dire emergency. Even then, I'd only charge enough to get to somewhere cheaper.

They will soon see the effect of their charging decision in the steep drop in usage. At those rates, they are really taking the piss (and selling it back to you as fine wine...)

69p/kWh is over FOUR times what I pay for leccy at home. I can understand 30-40p/kWh but 69p? Makes 50p at Shell Recharge look positively cheap.

How to shoot yourself in foot in one easy lesson.

Ionity, if you read this perhaps you might like to look up what happened to the Jeweller's 'Ratners' when their boss said that he sold crap.
If you really want to price yourself out of the market then go right ahead.
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Re: IONITY pricing

Post by Deleted User 325 » Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:15 am

I will keep using them until January 31st, as the £8 per session is excellent value. After that? Have to see what circumstances arise. If Tesla superchargers wanted to open up at a similar charging rate for non-Tesla drivers, I would see that as a welcome enhancement to availability.

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Re: IONITY pricing

Post by DavePhillips » Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:27 am

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Re: IONITY pricing

Post by nipri » Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:35 am

In the Times newspaper all this week they have been articles on electric cars(Electric Britain) , infrastructure & so forth. BP Chargemaster CEO said that the cost of installing 150kWH charger was around £75000.
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Re: IONITY pricing

Post by Maxwell_400 » Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:53 am

In Norway, for the Audi E-tron there will be a contract where you pay NOK189,-/month + NOK3.20/kWh.

Other providers charge approximately NOK1.25/min + NOK2.90/kWh without contract
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