Problems with Rolec 32amp wall Chargers

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Problems with Rolec 32amp wall Chargers

Post by MikeSL1 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:18 pm

This gets complicated
Had a Rolec 32amp outlet installed before my I-Pace arrived. When car arrived sometimes it would charge but often it would click, click out as if there was a loose connection. A neighbour has the same Rolec outlet, but slightly earlier model and the car charged fine with that
Jaguar supplied new lead but still the same problem with click in, click out
Car charged fine at Jaguar dealer with supplied lead
Contractor came back and changed the outlet but same problem
Thought it might be to do with 18th edition Earth rod regulations but after looping Provider Earth with Earth rod, still the same problem
Was going to have Rolec plug in changed to a Rolec Tethered model, when the contractor said he wanted to try a Rolec make lead and...……..
It worked!!!!!!??????????????????????
Anyone have any suggestions as to why the Jaguar lead would not work but the Rolec lead did
Tried both down at the Jaguar dealer and both worked fine and look the same except for the Rolec cable is 50% bigger diameter
The only problem is it cost me an extra £200 for the lead which I am hoping someone will re-in-burse me :?:

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Re: Problems with Rolec 32amp wall Chargers

Post by bimjim » Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:38 pm

I read something somewhere that suggested the socket on the Rolec isn't completely standard, and the Jaguar plug doesn't fully engage.

I've got a Rolec (from July 2016, if that matters), and it's worked fine so far. I've not tried the Jaguar cable yet however... I'll give that a go and report back.
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Re: Problems with Rolec 32amp wall Chargers

Post by bimjim » Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:29 am

I've just tried my Jaguar cable and all seems to be fine.

Like I said, my Rolec charger is an older one, so it might just be an issue with more recent versions.
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Re: Problems with Rolec 32amp wall Chargers

Post by SammyD » Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:49 am

I'd try my Jaguar supplied cable on other chargers such as Pod-Point or even a Tesla Destination Charger.
If they all work then the finger points towards the Rolec Charger.
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Re: Problems with Rolec 32amp wall Chargers

Post by MikeSL1 » Fri May 17, 2019 9:06 pm

Happy outcome, Jaguar dealer Beatles of Watford reimbursed me the £200
Great Dealership, highly recommended
I think Rolec should pay half as not sure who is at fault
A friend is due to take Delivey of a Hyundai at the end of the month and he will come round and try it on
The Rolec with his lead, the Jaguar lead and the Rolec lead to try to ascertain where the problem lay

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Re: Problems with Rolec 32amp wall Chargers

Post by hb66 » Sat May 18, 2019 8:35 pm

I had a similar issue with my type 2 connector Rolec charger that was fitted at least 4 years ago when i had a Nissan Leaf.

The Leaf charged faultlessly during my ownership, but when i came to charge the I-Pace nothing. I posted on SpeakEV and was told of possible issues with the connector used by Rolec.

I dismantled the charger so that the connector was removed from the case. Plugging the I-Pace into the free connector allowed it to charge.

The amount of padding between the connector and the enclosure to overcome the curved shape of the enclosure and provide some water resistance had made it so the CP and/or PP pins no longer made contact between cable and connector.

I removed some of the padding and re-assembled the enclosure and all is well. I'll use sealant to provide the waterproofing required.

The supplying dealer blamed Rolec. Rolec said they'd had no other reports of issues so blamed the cable.

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Re: Problems with Rolec 32amp wall Chargers

Post by Bart » Sat May 18, 2019 9:00 pm

Hi, I am not familiar with the ROLEC 32 AMP charger, but could it be due to high output voltage due to high voltage in the network? Let me explain:

I have a Magnum Charger, which combines two phases to one superphase. I also have a couple (30) of solar panels. During sunny hours the voltage of the indivudual phases can reach 249 V. (Maximum allowed voltage output of inverters is 253 V). The Magnum charger can increase this voltage upto 267 V. the I-pace (all AC-input on EVs?) can only handle upto 263 - 265V.

The click you hear is the relais disconnecting and retrying.
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Re: Problems with Rolec 32amp wall Chargers

Post by Jmc110 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:21 pm

Evening all. Today I've had a breakthrough in my Rolec or I-Pace charging issues. For weeks I've had issues charging at home using a Rolec 32a wall charger. It charges fine for approximately an hour then the RCBO trips. No warning or alert from the Jag InControl app that charging has failed. This has been a huge problem awaking to discover that my 200mile journey was starting with only 120 miles of range.

The Rolec wall charger was installed approximately 3.5years ago. It worked perfectly for my C350e PHEV. It also seemed to work fine with my I-PACE BEV for the first 6 months then the tripping issues started to occur. I tried different more heavy duty cables and this seemed to work at first and then the tripping started all-over again.

Anyway concerned that I was about to run into the conundrum of Jaguar blaming the charger and Rolec blaming the Jaguar I took to the forums. What I discovered is that this is allegedly a known issues for older Rolec units. They work just fine with a PHEV pulling 16A but less so with a BEV pulling 32A for a longer period.

Some other owners managed to get Rolec to swap out the original supplied RCBO (not apparently up to the job) others were just given short change and just told to contact their installer - most of whom were completely uninterested!

This evening I removed the 6 screws of the front plate to discover that the RCBO was heavily burnt around the neutral connection! This was consistent with others experience. It also explained the burning smell that I had noticed once before.Image

The recommended replacement RCBO that many others (and now I) have used is the GARO RCBO GR B40AS 1+N
This is where I sourced mine. £25 Inc shipping and only 10 minutes to fit. Be aware the live and neutral are reversed! ... ype-a.html

Anyway I'm now happilycharging again. Hopefully this will help a few other I-Pace drivers avoid my charger tripping pain!


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Re: Problems with Rolec 32amp wall Chargers

Post by TonyB » Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:03 pm

I had a rolec smart charger installed in June this year to charge my I Pace, previously I was using the granny cable on the house 13amp ring main with no problems. Since the rolec smart charger has been installed I have had continual problems with the charger not doing as I want it too, e.g Charging!
The software app (EV) is completely useless as it always disagrees with the jaguar software. Jag says cable connected preparing to charge and EV app says cable not connected. I do not use the smart charging facility anymore and use manual charge/ I have also deleted the EV software as it is useless

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