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oop north
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Autocar article

Post by oop north » Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:15 am ... -frankfurt

Just spotted this. Looks to me that the author picked the worst possible strategy to charge on the journey - do 100 mile stints so you are charging from 50% to 100%.

Haven’t looked at the gaps for a European trip myself but I have used the Gretna Ionity chargers for two return journeys of 360 miles. It’s “unfortunate” for me that Gretna is not nearer Edinburgh (Edinburgh is 180 miles from Preston and Gretna 100 miles) as ideally I would charge no higher than 80% but that would in winter make the 80 miles to Edinburgh and then 80 miles back to Gretna tight (though last trip I managed 2 hours on a 7kW CPS charger in Edinburgh)

I think the article author was too cautious in the charging strategy. I would have been a bit bolder but am now at 45000 electric miles (39k in i3 6k in the iPace) so am probably more confident than journalists with limited experience
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Re: Autocar article

Post by SammyD » Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:33 am

you are always assuming that the Journalist wants to write a positive article about an EV. A lot are still in the Clarkson vs Tesla camp I'm afraid.

Charging to 100% all the time and complaining about it is a good way to slag off all EV's.

We all know better so it is a shame that one of these mags does not use our learnings in an article. All they need to do is ask and I'm sure that there would be no shortage of volunteers ready to educate the hack always assuming that they want to be educated in the first place. :cry: :?
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Re: Autocar article

Post by Delta5 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:38 pm

Having read the article and the comparison with the Merc Audi and Tesla I thought the testers were very fair. They all thought the best car was the IPace, they didn’t like the others very much but thought the Tesla was the most practical because the charging network was much better developed. The weakness of the IPace at present is the charging network it has to use hopefully that will change quickly
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