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Latest Software Available Etc

Post by rtimms82 » Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:48 am

Hi All

New to posting here, although I have been lurking around for a while since taking delivery of my 69 plate SE in early November and gleaning much information which is greatly appreciated.

My car is a lease and was delivered from a garage many miles away whom ARVAL were using just to get a large batch of cars processed and therefore I have no idea who my registered dealer is for servicing etc at this point.

Basically I am quite confused by the software update situation. Are they now available over the air or not? Do I have to ask a dealer to send them to my car if they are available over the air, or will they just be automatically pushed to the car? Attached 2 images of what software etc the car is running at the moment, how do I know if this correlates to the latest available? The car says there are no further updates available, but I need to know whether that is a genuine statement, or whether it is just that they have not yet been pushed to the car by a dealer/jaguar? I have seen so many different ways of people updating their software and more than one type of update that's available as well so am now just super confused!

Does anybody know definitively from these screenshots whether is further updates that I should be able to get and if so how I can get them? Any help at all will be hugely appreciated!

On a separate note, two other things bugging me are whether I am able to turn off Lane Keep Assist permanently (the bit where it flashes a red line and a car image in the dashboard) or whether this has to be turned off each and every time, as it appears to just keep reactivating itself! Also is it normal that the car seems to think I will have more range by about 4 - 8 miles with the A/C button turned on? Doesn't seem logical to me, but maybe I am missing something obvious here!

Thanks so much for any help which anybody is able to offer!

P.S. Absolutely loving the car so far, just wish there wasn't so many different areas for adjusting settings and that they were all in one place!



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Re: Latest Software Available Etc

Post by Jagu_in_06 » Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to the forum.
The Incontrol Touch Pro is S19B in your car, the latest one is S19C. You could get this updated via SOTA, if you ask the dealer to enable SOTA for you and if your telematics version allows it ( + maybe it will depend if you have your own SIM in the car). My car has telematics 18.2 and SOTA enabled and I was able to update without my own SIM in the car. I believe 6 months ago with different telematics (like yours 16.2), it had to go through personal SIM or WIFI.
The other part of the software have currently to be updated at your dealer (search for post with TOPIX as well in the forum).
Best regards
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