Maximising comfort

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Maximising comfort

Post by Thincat » Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:16 am

I’ve started this topic because I’d like some help in deciding what to do about paying the extra for Adaptive Dynamics. Although I have ordered my HSE I may not be able to go through with the purchase if my wife (who has serious back problems) finds it uncomfortable. To give an idea of the scale of the problem she was unable to travel in my XF because the low seating position meant that she felt every bump, even changing from 20 inch to 17 inch did not make sufficient difference. It turned out that she needs a more upright position and we discovered that a Renault Scenic or Golf SE MPV was much better for her. When the F-Pace came out the purchase decision was entirely dependent on the seating position and ride. Fortunately it passed the test but only because I specified 20 inch wheels and run the tyres at the minimum pressure and drive carefully avoiding bumps!

I have already measured the I-Pace seats and found that the seating position is very similar to the F-Pace and I have specified the 20 inch wheels and air suspension in an attempt to get the smoothest possible ride. I will have to use ‘comfort’ mode when she is in the car but if the I-Pace turns out to be less comfortable I have a serious problem! The only negative comments I have noticed in the reviews is that some people have said the ride is a little harsh and that is a worry.

So I am seeking forum member’s views on if having adaptive dynamics will help to make the car more comfortable. My suspicion is that it will not but perhaps it will allow me to set it up to maximise comfort? My dealer can’t help but it’s a very specialist question! I'm probably going to have to wait until some of you have got your cars and can report on your experience but I would be very grateful for that.
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Re: Maximising comfort

Post by Griff » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:32 am

Hi thincat...I feel your pain (pardon the pun).

I, also have lower back pain but probably not to the extent of your wife but have been interested in the reviews to date regarding the ride...and I have specified active air suspension to hopefully improve the ride.

This is what ‘carbuyer’ says. ‘The ride feels on the firm side, particularly at low speed, but it doesn’t make the car uncomfortable. The optional air suspension is worth considering, as it helps the ride settle at high speed and takes the edge off the thuds from potholes.’

Personally, if I were you, I’d wait until you and your wife can drive it and then make your decision as everybody’s interpretation of ‘harshness’ can be different. I personally wouldn’t cancel an order on people’s opinion.

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Re: Maximising comfort

Post by Sparks » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:52 am

There have been endless discussions about this on the Macan Forum. Air or Steel, big wheels, small wheels, PASM of no PASM, and to be honest I became more confused than ever. The only way to resolve your dilemma is to drive several set ups back to back, if possible, or bum a few rides with other owners if there are no suitable demonstrators available.

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