Your car’s nickname

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Re: Your car’s nickname

Post by pedro1664 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:49 pm

Korat: a grey cat breed in my case a corris grey one!

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Re: Your car’s nickname

Post by MjrPayne » Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:57 pm

I'm afraid that I'd be calling mine P.I.A. as Pain In the Ass if need to go through all troubles I've been reading here. Only my wife is calle Pia, so need to be careful with it :)
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Re: Your car’s nickname

Post by timbray » Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:45 pm

You have to be a bit of a cryptocurrency nerd to get this, but… I exited Bitcoin in December 2017 and made almost exactly the same amount I’ll be writing a check to JLR for in the next few days (car’s at the dealer in prep). So I was thinking of “Didn’t HODL” or “No HODL” or something like that. I could get a vanity license plate too, but that might be in bad taste.
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Re: Your car’s nickname

Post by elbocko » Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:01 am

Was going to call it Fat Albert after trying to get it in the garage, but Zero is obvious with the registration plate.
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Re: Your car’s nickname

Post by Chutche » Sun Mar 17, 2019 12:28 pm

Blue streak—-because of missile like acceleration!!! ( for those of you old enough to remember!)

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Re: Your car’s nickname

Post by samsoir » Sun Mar 17, 2019 2:33 pm

‘Electra’, had to be a female name that embodies the nature of the car. Not unique, as I am now aware Ben Sullins (Teslanomics) calls his Model S the same.
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Re: Your car’s nickname

Post by Garryjw » Sun Mar 17, 2019 5:53 pm

Red Lightning as it is red and truly electric
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Re: Your car’s nickname

Post by MartijnEV » Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:29 pm

I renamed my I-PACE to ‘Kate’

Kat is the Dutch word for cat. Added the ‘e’ for electric.

The result is a British name. Suits the car! :)
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Re: Your car’s nickname

Post by PAGE7 » Sat Mar 23, 2019 4:46 pm

Obviously , PAGE7



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Re: Your car’s nickname

Post by mgk85 » Sat Mar 23, 2019 7:41 pm

Shockwave! Well, because it's electric and the power is quite overwhelming like a big wave! I also found out that it's a name of a Transformer, but that's just a little bonus.
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